Thursday, November 20, 2008

People Saying Nice Things: Part IV

We've been out of the office the last couple of days pitching the agency to potential clients. In that time a couple of people have written nice things about us. Here are some highlights:

"From polar bears on thin ice to killer smog clouds smothering Asia, pictures play a hugely important role in shaping our understanding of the world and the threats posed to it. That’s why it's so great to hear about the birth of GHG Photos, a coalition of science, environmental, nature, and documentary photographers who have spent the last several years focused on greenhouse gas emissions and effects of those emissions on our planet."

From Sami Grover in Treehugger

"Joshua Wolfe, one of GHG's photographers, tells BJP that the agency's goal is to raise the standards of photography on the subject by producing scientifically accurate images that will better explain climate change and help influence discussion."

From British Journal of Photography

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